Aluminium Refurbishment and Maintenance

Protect your aluminium from fading, oxidation and corrosion 

Everbrite Coatings can restore powder coated and anodised aluminium colour as well as protect it from fading, chalking, oxidation, corrosion and salt damage. 


Restore your aluminium to original shine 

Everbrite Coatings will restore your aluminium windows, doors, garage doors, balustrades and metal building to new again with our cleaning and protective coatings. Our coatings will restore the original colour and shine while providing sunscreen for the powder coating or paint. In addition, our coatings contain UV protection and antioxidants to protect the metals from sun, salt air, corrosion, oxidation and fading. 

Once the metal has been restored, our restoration system will continue to protect the metal and keep it cleaner for years to come.

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